We are Hope

GWB helps people living in poverty or danger improve their lives and realize their human rights. Through our diverse programs, we serve people in the toughest of circumstances and that are the hardest to reach, including survivors of violence, torture, and victims of war and people living in extreme hardship or poverty.

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Citizenship program

Understanding and applying the principles of democracy and fulfilling civic duties are an important part of newcomers’ integration into Canadian society. When refugees and immigrants arrive in Canada they have much to learn about, and much to contribute to, what it means to be a Canadian.

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Health and Nutrition

Those who come from abroad to resettle in Canada come from countries in which the food, diet and health care systems can be quite different from those in Canada.

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DStable, affordable and decent housing is a critical element in any person's dignity, personal stability and ability to serve as a productive and integrated member of our society.

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